Funnel Builder Secrets Review & Price – What’s inside Masterclass & Training

if you have checked many Clickfunnels reviews and Clickfunnels pricing table, you may notice there is a special bundle called funnel builder secrets, so what is that and is it worth getting ? in this funnel builder secrets review I will show you why you should get funnel builder secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets Review

What is Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS) is a special bundle deal offered by ClickFunnels. (The other is the Funnel Hacks System.)

Which provides You Everything you wish to market, Sell, and Deliver Your product and Services online,

Are you looking to invest in the ClickFunnels Unlimited Enterprise Etison Suite… OR

Looking to upgrade from the basic ClickFunnels plan?

Look no further than Funnel Builder Secrets.

It makes economic sense purchase in Funnel Builder Secrets…

You save cash on the ClickFunnels software package and acquire loads of further bonuses.

Funnel Builder Secrets provides all the tools you require to start and execute your business…

  • Clickfunnels – unlimited sales funnels
  • Funnel Scripts – to automate all of your copy and scripts
  • Traffic – strategies to drive traffic to your funnels
  • Training – priceless coaching to start, promote and grow your business….

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What Do You Get With Funnel Builder Secrets?

  • Funnel Builder Secrets has three discounted plans priced at $1997, $2997 and $5997 respectively.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets gives you the following …
  •  6 Months ClickFunnels Etison Suite Account with $1997 Plan – $1782 Value!!
  • 12 Months ClickFunnels Etison Suite Account with $2997/$5997 Plans – $3564 Value
  • 12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts – Copy & Sales Scripts – $497 Value!!
  •  six Week Funnel Hacks master class Funnel Building coaching
  • Traffic Secrets Membership – methods To Drive Traffic To Your Funnel. The masterwork of internet marketing legend, John Reese, who made $1m in 24 hours by driving a ton of traffic to their sales page. Learn the secrets.
  •  Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 8 weeks one on one ClickStart Coaching With $5997 Plan.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The bonuses that you get with FBS alone are worthwhile. Traffic Secrets & Funnel Scripts change the game. If you are looking to master the way to drive traffic to your funnels, then Traffic Secrets alone makes the FBS deal worthwhile.

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Funnel Builder Secrets Pricing

Now let’s provides a very little plan regarding the price of this course. Although this course by them is somewhat costly, you will get a lot of resources as a bonus with this so that you will not have to do other courses for funnel marketing. Currently, they have three courses for this program. The list of them is given below with price.

  • The cost of the lowest plan is $1,997, and you will be given access to 6 months of Click Funnels Enterprise account + bonuses.
  • The second plan will cost you $2,997 and give you access to 12 months of Click Funnels Enterprise account + bonuses.
  • The third plan costs $5,997 and gives you access to 12 months of Click Funnels Enterprise account + 8 Click Start coaching calls ($9,997 Value) + bonuses.


With the 12 Month Option you get:

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • 12 months of the premium ClickFunnels account
  • Funnel Secrets Training
  • 12 months of Funnel Scripts
  • Traffic Secrets
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Funnels

With the 12 Month Super-Option, you will be provided with everything in the 12-month plan. Plus, you get eight one-on-one coaching calls (one per week).

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How does Funnel Hacks compare to Funnel Builder Secrets?

Here’s what the Funnel hacks package got you:

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Six months of the premium ClickFunnels account
  • Traffic Hacks
  • Email Sequences
  • Inception Secrets (copy and paste sales scripts)

Even if you do not want any of the coachings, the pricing of the package ($997) was a no brainer because you could acquire the premium subscription for more than 50% off.

The FBS package includes the Funnel Hacks Masterclass, copywriting help (Funnel Scripts is far superior to the copy and paste scripts) and a high-quality traffic course.

Funnel Builder Secrets doesn’t talk about email sequences in the promo materials.

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Now that we can say more about the lay of the land, what does FBS cost and is it a good deal?

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

  • ClickFunnels Startup plan is $97/month.
  • ClickFunnels Etison Suite is $297/month.
  • 6 months of ClickFunnels Startup plan = $582
  • 12 months of ClickFunnels Startup plan = $1164
  • 6 months of ClickFunnels Etison Suite = $1782
  • 12 months of ClickFunnels Etison Suite = $3564
  • 6 months of FBS = $1997
  • 12 months of FBS = $2997
  • 12 months of FBS plus coaching = $5997

If you’re interested only in the basic ClickFunnels package and do not want extra coaching, this may not be the deal for you. Bear in mind that if you’re new to ClickFunnels, that most individuals end up having to subscribe to another service with the basic ClickFunnels package (third party autoresponder, for example), which might increase the stated monthly price.

And nearly everybody who gets serious about funnels winds up upgrading to the premium tool suite (third party integrations like autoresponders are a substantial part of this).

Save money…?

If you’re interested in the premium ClickFunnels subscription, even though you are not interested in the coaching, Funnel Builder Secrets is going to save you a lot of cash.

When you spring for the 6-month package, you will not get a significant discount on your ClickFunnels premium subscription. However, you’ll get twelve months of Funnel Scripts, that sells for close to $500. If you haven’t heard or read a lot of about Funnel Scripts, we think it’s an excellent program and is a wonderful choice for those that are not that great yet at writing copy or sales.

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If you get the 12-month Funnel Builder Secrets Package, this is where you begin to see savings. Twelve months of ClickFunnels premium prices $3564, whereas Funnel Builder Secrets gets you twelve months of ClickFunnels for $2997 (with Funnel Scripts and different bonuses).

Admittedly, this is not a huge discount as compared to the Funnel Hacks discount (which was a whopping 55%). But with a reduction that massive, it wasn’t going to last.

Right now, the twelve-month package of Funnel Builder Secrets is the most cost-effective way to get 12 months of the ClickFunnels Etison suite of tools.

If you consider the worth of all the remainder of the bonuses, it starts to sound like a pretty cool package for somebody who is interested in ClickFunnels, is prepared to learn and desires to jump-start his or her on-line business.

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Funnel Builder Secrets pros and Cons

Pros of Funnel Builder Secrets

  • You’ll have an infinite period of access to all the training, bonuses and resources
  • If you do not like what you get, it’s a risk-free package with 30days money back guarantee.
  • You wouldn’t be spending on the other tools or resources.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets offers you everything you would like to succeed in business for a minimum of 6months
  • Everything regarding funnel building and driving converting traffic is in here. You’ll be able to teach your team members also.
  • This is the single possible package where you’ll be able to make the most of ClickFunnels to the fullest.

Cos of Funnel Builder Secrets

  • It’s expensive! (that’s the truth)
  • Pro funnel builders would possibly find few of the teachings boring (but not the Funnel scripts or Traffic secrets)
  • You might get overwhelmed if you choose to concentrate on multiple things at once. (The training are enormous)

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Is Funnel Builder Secrets the best package for me?

We don’t invariably suggest that individuals run out and purchase big packages. If you’re interested in the ClickFunnels premium account anyway, then saving close to $600 may be a no brainer.

But if you are not certain whether or not you would like the ClickFunnels basic account or the premium tool (or you do not know what the differences are), then it would be to read up a little bit. While the price per month once you look into it over a year’s timeframe is not that horrible (about $250/month), it may be a lot for someone up front.

For a long time, these packages have had the option to pay for with Paypal credit. In several cases, if you qualify, you’ll be able to push off all the payments on the package through Paypal for many months, providing you with time to worry about doing a profitable business before you’ve got to worry about the fees.

The FBS package is a package for an individual who is prepared to jump in with both feet and get started. There are plenty of coaching and tools in this package, which is amazing. We’ve done the Traffic Secrets course, which is a precious piece of this package, well worth several hundred dollars on its own.

Quick tip…

(Here’s a fast tip though–for a short time, ClickFunnels has been giving Traffic Secrets (and a “lite” version of FBS) to all ClickFunnels subscribers, regardless of what plan you’re on. we’ve no idea how long this can last; however, it’s pretty sweet.

If you are not certain if you’re prepared for FBS, here’s what we would recommend:

Obtain the basic ClickFunnels plan to try it out, watch the Funnel Scripts webinar, check things like Traffic Secrets out, and choose after your 14-day trial if you would like to upgrade to the Funnel Builder Secrets package.

We won’t suggest Funnel Builder Secrets if you’re on the fence about ClickFunnels, funnels generally, or whether or not you would like to begin an internet business. ClickFunnels is a superb tool; however, it’ll only work for you if you’re prepared and willing to do the work necessary to create an actual business.

Why you must Get Funnel Builder Secrets Package

I will honestly tell you that Funnel Builder Secrets is the best deal for your cash once it involves utilizing ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels itself has remodeled my business. Whether an outsized company or a little ‘one person band,’ I’ve witnessed immense growth for any company implementing the power of ClickFunnels.

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An alternative for Funnel Builder Secret – Funnel Hacks

If you’re about to take this business seriously, and now you are simply searching for a deal, I like to recommend that you invest in Funnel Hacks to receive the most effective clickfunnels deal. ClickFunnels Discount 55 Off also, you will get a wonderful bonus:


Funnel Hack Is by far an excellent Deal; It offers You:

  • Instant Traffic Hacks which is an extensive coaching course on the various ways in which you can get traffic to your funnels. You’ll have the most effective web site, the best product, and also the best funnels in the world and you will not realize a cent if you get no traffic.
  • Six months of access to the complete Enterprise plan
  • Soap and Seinfield Email Sequences will tutor you ways you will be able to develop an initial soap opera sequence to build a relationship with your Email List and then a way to build an in-progress Seinfield Email Sequence to keep your email list engaged and checking your emails. Your email list is often a sizeable quality that just about all businesses miss or implement poorly.
  • Funnel Hacks master class -this course teaches you the way to develop a product quickly, a way to hack funnels, how to make Clickfunnels works, and the way to make all of the most popular types of funnels to get you up and functioning with the right funnel for the task.
  • Inception Secrets is a course that teaches you the means you will be able to develop a product and full scripts for each one of the essential funnels types and in-depth work on how to build and implement them.
  • Free access to funnel scripts which is a powerful copywriting software package

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Final Verdict

By now, you ought to have understood how much you’d be benefited if you’re taking part in this program. To learn one thing, everybody ought to learn from experienced persons of the related fields. And Russell Brunson is the legend of the world of Funnel marketing. He earns an excellent deal from every one of his funnels. Learning funnel marketing directly from such an individual would be your glory. Besides, the funnel builder secrets webinar course is beneficial.

If you can utilize the knowledge that you get from the course, you’ll get the lifetime benefits. Finally, we’d want to mention that there is no alternative to learning in funnel marketing. To stay up to date with the strategy, you’ve got to learn day after day even it’s few in a day. If you’ve got a decent plan about the click funnel’s courses, then you’ll be able to make yourself well prepared in funnel marketing.

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