Clickfunnels blog template – Learn how does it look like?

ClickFunnels is a great funnel builder that offers a lot of benefits and features for business purposes. With ClickFunnels, you are not only able to build such a professional sales funnel, but you can also use ClickFunnels blog template to build your own business blog. Talking about ClickFunnels blog template, how does it look like?

Clickfunnels blog template – Learn how does it look like?

ClickFunnels Blog Template Demo

Basically, ClickFunnels blog has a lot of template options that you can use to build such a web age. In this case, you just need a template according to your wishes. For instance, you can choose the About Me Page template that allows you to build such an “about me page”. In addition, you can also choose Resume page, a Privacy policy template, and other templates. Meanwhile, for the blog template, you can choose a traditional blog page, traditional blog post, blog post style, and 3 column blog post. Meanwhile, you are also able to connect one template to another template and it is also easy to edit the contents. Basically, the blog template is just like other blog templates with less navigation. In other words, these blog templates are used to post some articles. When you choose ClickFunnels, you can choose one of those blog template options with different styles and designs.

Creating a Blong with ClickFunnels

How to create such a blog using ClickFunnels? Anyway, it is also very easy to build a simple blog with ClickFunnels. The first thing you need to do is to build a funnel. Once you sign up for ClickFunnels, you just can create a funnel. Next, you can choose the blog type you want to build. Some of the blog types available are email opt-in pages, webinar, sales pages, membership, affiliates, Miscellaneous, and ClickPop. Then, you can just choose the template and start editing the page content as you wish. Finally, the ClickFunnels blog is ready to post.

 The Price of ClickFunnels Blog Template

How much does ClickFunnels blog template cost? If you want to build a blog using ClickFunnels, then you need to sign up for ClickFunnels. In this case, the ClickFunnels blog template is already included in the package. There are two plan options that you can choose. The first is the startup plan that costs $97 per month and the second plan is the Enterprise plan that costs $297 per month. Which plan should you choose? Anyway, both of the plans provide blog templates that you can use to post some contents.

In conclusion, that’s all about ClickFUnnels blog template that you may need to know. ClickFunnels blog is always a good choice to increase your business sales. In this case, you are not only building a sale funnel, but you also build good blogs to capture leads. You can choose some blog templates according to your wishes. Meanwhile, the blog template itself is already included in the plan package you purchase either Startup plan or Enterprise plan. Do you want to sign up for ClickFunnels? Now, you can join ClickFunnels and get 14 day trial for free.

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