Clickfunnels $37 plan -Learn about how to sign up for it?

Are you looking for ClickFunnels $37 plan? ClickFunnels offers two regular plans, they are Startup plan and Enterprise Plan. The Startup plan costs about $97 per month while the Enterprise plan costs about $297 per month.

Clickfunnels $37 plan -Learn about how to sign up for it?

For some people, these two plans are quite expensive, especially for those who have never used ClickFunnels before. Luckily, you always have a chance to get ClickFunnels $37 plan that is cheaper than the regular plan. Anyway, how t sign up for ClickFunnels $37 plan?

Leveraging the Secret Plan for $37

The only way to get $37 per month to buy ClickFunnels plan is by leveraging the secret plan. Nobody knows that ClickFunnels offers some secret plans. With this secret plan, you do not have to buy Clickfunnels for  $97 per month, but you only need to pay it for only $37 per month. Keep in mind, this secret plan may expire a few days and you may not see it anymore. How to get this ClickFunnels $37 plan?

Steps to Leverage the Secret Plan

First of all, if you want to enjoy the $37 per month of ClickFunnels, you need to create a Clickfunnels account or just simply sign up for Clickfunnels through this link. Once you sign up for ClickFunnels, you need to choose the regular ClickFunnels plan between $97 and $297, but you will not pay for these prices. In this case, you can still enjoy 14 day trial for free despite you also need to enter your credit card information.

Secondly, after you sign up for ClickFunnels and enjoy the 14-day trial, you can go to your ClickFunnels account. In this case, you can select account billing and then choose to Cancel my account. But, it does not mean that you cancel the ClickFunnels subscription. Once you choose “cancel account’, there will be three new plans that appear on the screen.

Lastly, you can choose between Personal Plan, Bootstrap plan, and Pause plan. If you want to enjoy the $37 per month, then you can choose the Personal Plan. This plan offers some premium features in which you can create 5 funnels, 5000 visits, and 20 pages. Bootstrap plan costs about $67 per month with 10 funnels, 10000 visits, and 50 pages. Meanwhile, the Pause plan is only $9 per month with limited feature.

Other ClickFunnels Special Discounts

Leveraging the secret plan is not the only way to buy ClickFUnnels for cheap. In fact, you still have some other special discount offers. You may buy ClickFunnels plan for only $19 per month. Of course, it is cheaper than $37 plan, but you need to create an account using a shared funnel. You can find other Clickfunnels users to get a shared funnel and sign up for Clickfunneks through the given link. Suppose you want to get ClickFunnels share plan, you can just click this link and enjoy 14-day trial and $19 per month. Do you really want to use ClickFunnels at affordable prices? Well, you can actually leverage the secret plan for $37 per month or create an account using a shared funnel for $19 per month subscription.

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